The classic double-breasted jacket remains the standard for this outfit, and we have many sizes in stock. Each is made from a superfine polyester blend or wool material that can be worn in many climates. If you want to add even more of an edge, go with a modern fit or slim fit double-breast to highlight your build. New York Man Suits has our own line of suits and also offers suits from respected designers such as Calvin Klein and Cooper & Nelson. Go with a traditional black double-breasted suit or pick another versatile color such as medium gray or tan.

A double-breasted suit and tie will give you the looks and confidence you need to impress when you're at the office or on a big dinner date. You can wear the jacket with more casual shirts and trousers when you're going to the local pub. The New York Man Suits team is on top of the latest trends, meaning we're full of ideas on how to make the most of this timeless apparel. Get one at an amazing price or take advantage of our Buy 1 Get 2 Suits Free deals and have several on hand. We can ship them worldwide wherever you need to be in style.

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