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Ties - Bow Ties - Neckwear

The tie was invented in Croatia as the cravat. When Croatia made contact with France, the French found the necktie to be quite fetching and adopted it. Over time the cravat changed and became the tie.

The tie is now one of the most important tools in your toolbox in regards to business meetings and formal events. Here's the rub though, how do you make yourself memorable at the corporate mixer without having to resort to wearing a large blinking sign? Your tie can be the item that peoples memory latches on to when they start to think back to that night and a picture of you will bleed into reality because you brought something no one else had; a sense of humor.

Let us remember one thing when we are shopping for a tie, it's not about the pattern, the color, or the thread count, but what the tie makes you feel; and if it makes for a chuckle, then you're in the right place.