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How To Style Your Polo
Posted by NYM Suits on 7/16/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Polo shirts are classic. Men have been sporting polo shirts for decades, and as time marches on there are new styles, more colors and more occasions that have become an appropriate time to bring back this classic. Here are some key examples of polo appropriate occasions and tips on how should you style your soft, collared shirt:
Sports Jackets for Men: Counting the Benefits
Posted by Olivia on 7/14/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Have you ever stopped to think why sports jackets are a necessity for a man's wardrobe? Well, not only does this piece of clothing serve a lot of purposes and can be used in various occasions, but it also provides a handful of wonderful benefits. Here are some of the most basic yet important benefits sports jackets can give you:
How to tie a Bow Tie - Men's Q&A
Posted by JR on 7/14/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Whether youíre wearing a tuxedo at a wedding or singing in a barbershop quartet, you need to know how to tie a bow tie. Itís not something most of us do very often, but luckily, if you can tie your shoes, you can tie a bow tieóitís the same knot. To tie a bow tie, follow these instructions.
How to: Fold a Sports Jacket / Blazer
Posted by NYMSuits on 7/10/2014
A garment bag can only hold so much. Donít leave that extra suit jacket at home just because it canít fit in the bag. This ingenious folding method will save your suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers from travel wrinkles, ultimately saving you time and money while youíre away on business. Weíre here to walk you through the step-by-step process (sketches included to make it that much simpler).
Men: What to Wear for a Summer Wedding
Posted by NYM Suits on 7/8/2014
If you have upcoming summer weddings marked on your calendar, you may already be wondering which kind of suit is most appropriate.
Menís Suspenders are back Ė #MensFashion #NYMSuits
Posted by jay on 7/2/2014 to Accessories
Menís suspenders have made a comeback in the fashion world. Today we will see many modern males sporting colorful trouser supports in the inner-city comfortably making a sleek and trendy fashion statement. 
Why Men's Suits Never Go Out of Style
Posted by Michael on 6/21/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
It can't be denied that a man's status quo and his personality are associated with the clothes he wears. Other than luxury accessories like cars and watches, good quality suits are what every man can depend on to be identified in society.
Suit Material May Matter Most
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 6/18/2014
Too many men do not give enough attention to material when buying menís suits. Instead, they choose to focus on style and fit. Now, although style and fit do indeed matter, the failure to select the correct material can lead to major problems as the seasons change and the years pass.
Fashion-Forward Men
Posted by Michael on 6/5/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
We do tend to follow the fashion-forward around here.
To Ascot... Or Not?
Posted by Michael on 5/23/2014
Just in case you are unfamiliar with ascots, they are an item of clothing worn with blazers and suits in place of a necktie. Generally, when worn with a blazer, an ascot provides a certain amount of fun, frivolity and rakishness, while those worn with suits convey more of a snooty type of appearance.
Wearing Sweater Vests
Posted by Michael on 5/23/2014
The ballots are in, and all counted and accounted for... we like sweater vests. Theyíre very in, they add flair and they definitely beat out the lit-up, flashing varieties of bow ties for Christmas parties. The thing is, youíve got to know what youíre doing, because unless you do it right, you may not be able to pull it off correctly.
How to Pick Out Just the Right Tie
Posted by Michael on 5/23/2014
Picking out the right tie can be an art. You might pick out a tie that you think looks amazing that everyone else thinks looks tacky and unprofessional. When it comes to picking out a tie, you want to be sure that youíre right. Otherwise, you could hurt your professional reputation in the office.
How to Select the Right Blazer
Posted by Michael on 5/14/2014
A blazer is a great choice when you donít want to wear a full suit or a suit jacket is too formal for the occasion. A blazer makes you look stylish and professional without looking overdone.
NYMsuits' Care Guide for Your Formal Wear Ė Dry Cleaning
Posted by Michael on 5/14/2014
We have all been in the situation Ė running late and the only clean shirt you have looks like it has been slept in. It could be a board or client meeting or any other important formal occasion. You cannot show up in an unkempt shirt Ėit will seriously damage your credibility as a businessman and guarantee that you will give the wrong impression. You know when you look good in formal wear and indeed in fosters charisma and confidence, especially in a business setting.
4 Must-Have Suit Trends for Spring
Posted by Michael on 5/8/2014
The Spring season is the perfect time for the gentlemen to become a bit experimental with their dapper-looking ensembles, especially during the day. Just like with womenís wear, men can also add inject a softer and a more playful touch to their look this spring. Here are five of the top spring trends for menís suits to try and wear this season:
Menís Essentials: Choosing a suit for the summer
Posted by Michael on 4/28/2014
Searching for a summer suit this year which will accommodate work as well as leisure?
The Freedom That a Vest Provides
Posted by Michael on 4/28/2014
A vest frees you from having to worry about whether your shirt is tucked in properly, and can make even an untailored shirt look good, as long as your collar is the right size and your sleeves are the correct length.
Tips for Buying the Perfect Suit
Posted by Michael on 4/28/2014
A man in a suit says sophistication and class.  However, a man in a poorly fitting suit can completely change the positive stigma.
3 Rules for the Professional Manís Summer Style
Posted by Michael on 4/19/2014
Itís that time of year again: the hot season where the only suit anyone wants to be wearing is used for swimming. Professionals may need to wear a little more than their swim trunks to the office though, so here is a guide to three rules to follow when shopping for summer suits.
Find the Right Suit Style for Your Body Type
Posted by Michael on 4/19/2014 to Men's Suit Q&A
Many people think that only women suffer from the burdens of fashion. However, men must also be aware of how they present themselves, particularly in professional contexts. There are a lot of variables in the styles and types of suiting choices available for men, which makes it difficult to know how to make choices that will create the overall look you want. Below are a few tips to help you find suits that will work for your build and body type.
Breaking Out of the Penguin Mold: Daring Suit Trends to Try
Posted by Michael on 4/12/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
The tuxedo is the classic ďpenguin suit,Ē but many menís suits can feel the same. You wear a black jacket and pants with a white shirt. Maybe you get a pop of color in your tie. Some men might experiment with color combinations like a grey suit with a coral shirt, but even that combination is a bit limiting.

If you really want to break out of the traditional mold, you can try some hot, new daring trends. Here are a few that you might like:
Building a Good Wardrobe on a Budget
Posted by Michael on 4/12/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
For dressing on an unlimited budget, finding the right style is easy. Unfortunately, most men do not have that luxury, and must make the most of what their budgets will allow them to purchase. This is why itís important, when shopping, to consider the interchangeability of whatever you buy. This may sound complicated, but actually, it is the opposite.  It just means that when you buy articles of clothing, before you take them home, make sure they will go with what you already have, and that they will be able to be worn with more than one or two items.  What results is a wardrobe that may be comprised of fewer actual clothing pieces, but more clothing options, resulting from a greater interchangeability amongst pieces.  
Cummerbunds, Then and Now
Posted by Michael on 3/20/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
The pleated sash that we see around the waist of a tuxedo has a very interesting history. Called a cummerband by the British military officers who first wore these waist sashes in India instead of a waistcoat, it wasn't until later that they became worn by civilians, where it is today traditionally worn together with a black tie, although there are cummerbunds and ties that come with all sorts of colorful designs and fabrics and sold everywhere today.
The Power of a Finely Tailored Suit
Posted by Michael on 3/6/2014 to Clothing Care
There are few fashions more enduring than the menís suit as it is known today. While the world has had its input on traditional suitís features, it has remained largely unchanged since the early 1900s. Even though many businesses are eschewing business attire for more informal work clothes, a great looking suit is still an important addition for any manís wardrobe.
How to Properly Accessorize Your Men's Suit
Posted by Michael on 2/24/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Although ladies fashion involves more diverse and noticeable accessories, men should still pay special attention to their choices when wearing business attire. The right shirt, shoes, tie, and even socks can complete a look and exude confidence. If you are wondering how to properly accessorize your menís suit, start with the basics.

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 Menís Suspenders are back Ė #MensFashion #NYMSuits
 Why Men's Suits Never Go Out of Style
 Suit Material May Matter Most
 Fashion-Forward Men
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