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How to Wear a White Suit
Posted by NYM Suits on 5/3/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Conquering the white suit is something that many men strive to pull off at least once in their lifetime. But there is a right way and a wrong way to wear a white suit- itís not as easy as pulling on a traditional black suit or even a blue suit. Here are some tips.
Should Men Dye Their Hair?
Posted by NYM Suits on 4/26/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
With the advent of more and more hair grooming products for men, some guys are now wondering if they should take advantage of an increasingly popular product- menís hair dye. Is it weird for men to dye their hair, is it merely the latest trend, or is it a stylish fashion choice that is simply becoming more popular?
Menís Formal Hairstyle Tips
Posted by NYM Suits on 4/12/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
If youíre going to a formal event, then youíll need to make sure your hair looks as good as your tux does. Here are a few tips to making your hair look classy.
Which Tux Style Should You Wear?
Posted by NYM Suits on 4/12/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Different styles look different on various body types, and not every tux is appropriate for every occasion. Which type of tuxedo would work best for you?
Should I Buy a Tuxedo?
Posted by NYM Suits on 4/3/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Somewhere along the line, a tuxedo went from being the most majestic piece in a manís wardrobe to something that he had to wear. As in, ďYeah, dude, I gotta wear a tux to this wedding next weekend.Ē You know what? Quit your carping. The fact is, youíll never look better, manlierómore gentlemanlyóthan in a tuxedo.
2015 Ė Fashion Trendís in Menís Neckwear
Posted by NYM Suits on 3/31/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Like all menís clothing trends, the fashion trend in menís neck-wear also keeps on changing. Now, you can find various styles of menís ties in different patterns, colors and design. In the current times, striped ties are considered as one of the most popular choices among men.
To Tuck Or Not To Tuck?
Posted by NYM Suits on 3/24/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
That is the question.

Menís fashion changes almost as much as womenís fashion. Even guys need to pay careful attention to the trends, or you may end up looking a little behind the times. Which brings us to the question at hand: to tuck, or not to tuck?
Real Men Wear Bow Ties
Posted by NYM Suits on 3/20/2015 to Accessories
It used to be that you only saw men wearing bow ties at the senior prom or at his own wedding. A lot has changed in recent years as the bow tie has made a triumphant and trendy comeback. What is it about this little neck-cessory that some men can pull it off without a second thought, while others prefer the traditional cravat?
Tuxedo Tips for Your Body Type
Posted by NYM Suits on 3/6/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips

Planning to go to a black tie event in a tuxedo? Or perhaps you're about to get married and are wondering what tuxedo fit and style will make you look great.

Well, just like with other types of clothes. It's really not a one-size-fits-all thing. This means that you have to take note of your body type in order to pick out the best tuxedo.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Your First Men's Suit
Posted by nymsuits on 3/5/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Buying your first men's suit is a milestone in a man's life. It is also an event that contains hazards so you have to make sure you know how to find the right men's suit for you before you purchase your first suit. 
How to Use Menís Suit to Gain Advantage in the Workplace
Posted by NYM Suits on 2/24/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Whether you are an experienced professional busy climbing the corporate ladder, or someone preparing to ace a job interview, the clothes you wear help package your look and brand. While other types of clothes can be worn in the workplace, only the menís suit is considered as ideal clothing that can be used in the workplace. Menís suit isnít just set of clothing that can be worn for comfort and protection- menís suit can also serve as an extension of oneís self which can help in building a personal appearance and boost oneís image and brand.
Suit up for Spring
Posted by NYM Suits on 2/18/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Winterís heavy wool suits feel about as welcome as monogamy on Mad Men as the temperature rises. Time to move them to the back of your closet. Make room for a variety of a lighter weights that are also easy on your wallet. Thanks to trim cuts and well-made fabricsósome coming from the same factories as high-end designer labelsóquality suits have entered the attainable realm.  Keep in mind, that you can always wear a top coat if the climes become too chilly.
Create a Wardrobe With Just Two Suits
Posted by NYM Suits on 1/30/2015
When entering the world of business, whether in finance, architecture or sales, every young man needs to have a wardrobe befitting their new career choice.
4 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Good Pair of Loafers
Posted by NYM Suits on 1/30/2015

Many men believe that loafers are essentially called such because they are known to be used for "loafing around", in line with a more laidback lifestyle or perhaps utilized for rest and relaxation in a stylish manner. This is probably why over time, a lot of men have turned to these shoes to combine work, rest, and fashion.

Indeed every man these days needs a good pair of loafers, if not several. Here are the 4 main reasons why:

Update Your Workplace Wardrobe By Adding Dress Shirts for Men
Posted by NYM Suits on 1/30/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Just like women, men should also invest in the contents of his closet. While the fashion options available for men will never top that for women, still the respectable line of sartorial options is more than enough to shop for clothes that can be worn at work. There are different options available for men that can be worn for work and meetings and social functions. Menís clothes are a diverse set, but some clothing options stand out and must-wear for men who are working in a corporate environment.
Choosing Winter Suits and Apparel
Posted by NYM Suits on 1/29/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
As seasons change, it is important to remember that different colors, materials, and fabrics should be worn to keep you comfortable, yet professional. Winter is right here right now and weíre starting to experience some cold days and freezing nights. Weíre faced with a decision when it comes suit patterns and styles to adjust to the winter season. The best advice we offer is to go for whatever feels right to you. Here at NYM suits, we have a variety of menís suits to suit your style.
Choosing Your Style
Posted by NYM Suits on 1/25/2015
Defining "Style" can be a slippery slope. If you ask 100 men what they think is stylish, you're likely to get at least a hundred different answers. Sure, there will probably be a little bit of agreement in certain areas, but the one constant you could probably take away from that sort of survey is this: If it feels stylish to you, and you're comfortable with it, then that, my friends, is your style. There are, however, a few tips that can help anyone choose the right style.
5 Stylish Ways Men Can Wear Suspenders
Posted by NYM Suits on 11/18/2014 to Accessories
Gone are the days when suspenders were considered undergarments and merely worn for the function of keeping your pants in place. These days, suspenders are becoming more popular in men's fashion, used for different looks and occasions. They are certainly stylish in an old school manner, giving a vintage feel. Since vintage clothes are still highly prevalent today, you can either sport that look all the way or mix your suspenders with some modern apparel for a trendy, cool, and unique ensemble.
What Does Your Chosen Necktie Say About You?
Posted by NYM Suits on 11/17/2014 to Accessories

Neckties come in many colors and designs, often in a standard shape and size. They are usually worn by men for office attire, business-related gatherings, and formal events. Some also integrate them with preppy clothes and casual get-ups.

At times you carefully choose a necktie to match the rest of your ensemble. But there are also moments when you pick one on a whim. How would you like to know what your necktie actually says about you?

Menís Suit Fabric and the Beginner Suit Wearer
Posted by nymsuits on 11/7/2014
Just as a suit makes the man, the fabric makes the men's suit. Beginner men's suit buyers have many suit fabrics to choose from; however, there are really just a few a beginner suit wearer to consider.
Guiding Principles to Mixing and Matching of Colors and Patterns with Menís Suits
Posted by nymsuits on 10/10/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Men's fashion need not be difficult. By following a few basic color and pattern mixing and matching guidelines, you can dress to impress.
Ralph Lauren
Posted by NYM Suits on 9/29/2014 to Men's Suit Q&A
Suits are a stylish way to send a good impression. When you are shopping for a new suite one designer you might want to consider is Ralph Lauren.
Wedding Invitation Without A Dress Code Ė No Problem!
Posted by NYM Suits on 9/22/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
So, youíve received a wedding invitation. You can clearly see the names of the persons inviting you, the time and date, as well as the venue. But thereís a twist Ė no dress code has been stated in the invitation. Does it mean you can wear whatever you want? Or that you have to call the bride or the groom and ask them about what to wear? No, and no. There are certain guidelines when it comes to these things, and these guidelines will help you look the way youíre supposed to at a wedding.
Fall Must Haves For Men's Wardrobes
Posted by NYM Suits on 9/10/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
Many men are not much into fashion, while others love to be trend-setters or at least with the trendy crowd each season. No matter which side of the fence you are on, while traditional looks are always good to have in your closet, the reality is that trends get noticed. And if you are one who wants to get noticed, you should always at least be on the lookout for what is hot each season and be able to incorporate some part of the trend into your existing wardrobe.
Your Guide to Wearing Menís Vests
Posted by NYM Suits on 9/10/2014 to Men's Fashion Tips
There are many vests for men to choose from, and they are not just for stuffy old business men in suits, bikers in leather, or duck hunters in puffy orange.

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 Which Tux Style Should You Wear?
 Should I Buy a Tuxedo?
 2015 Ė Fashion Trendís in Menís Neckwear
 To Tuck Or Not To Tuck?
 Real Men Wear Bow Ties
 Tuxedo Tips for Your Body Type
 Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Your First Men's Suit

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