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The Fabrics of a Summer Suit

Posted by NYMSuits on 4/17/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips

During the colder months, tweed, wool, and cashmere suits are appropriate, as the material not only looks structured and professional, but also keeps you warm. During the summer, however, swap these suits out for breathable, lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool without compromising on appearance.

A Spring and Summer Beige Suit: Tips

Posted by NYMSuits on 4/16/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
With modern men finally realizing the importance of seasonal dressing, the beige suit has quickly developed into a contemporary classic.  Classy and stylish in a number of warm weather contexts which need panache and finesse – It functions as your essential choice.  In addition, if working for a more relaxed and innovative organization, the beige suit can work like a charm.

Suit Maintenance and Travel

Posted by NYMSuits on 4/14/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
While thorough dry cleaning should be practiced sparingly, keeping your suit in good condition does involve some daily maintenance. Before hanging your suit up after a day’s wear, be sure to brush it down. As most suits are made from wool, they easily gather debris – whether loose hair, dandruff, dust or other materials – and if not removed, these particles can cause damage to the fabric over time.

What to Wear with a Blazer Jacket

Posted by NYMSuits on 4/14/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Whenever wearing a blazer, there are just pants that look perfect.  The styles range yet here are some essential tips to keep in mind on matching your blazer with the right pants for a stylish look:

Pinstripe or Plaid Suits: Advice and Tips

Posted by NYMSuits on 4/14/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
In the business and executive world, one must have more than one or two suits, a pinstripe or plaid suit is an essential option to consider when adding to your wardrobe.  Below are some general tips and advice on the basics of pinstripe and/or plaid suits:

The Black Suit: Considerations and Tips

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/23/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Now, there are going to be plenty of people that won’t agree with what I’m about to say. And like in any creative industry, there is always an element of subjectivity to what we discuss. But let me start by saying this: a black suit is not business appropriate. Ever.  Black Suits are for the night.

Navy Blue Suits for Business and Social Events - Tips

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/21/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
If you’re going to be wearing a suit to work every day, you’re going to need a closetful of them. To preserve a suit, you don’t want to wear it on back-to-back days; instead, you should give it at least 24 hours to air out and return to its original shape.

All About Dress Shirt Patterns: Styles and Tips

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/20/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
As I am sure you are aware, dress shirts come in different patterns according to your personal preferences and taste.  Here are a few pointers on styles and tips in making your selection for your personality:

A Charcoal Gray Suit Equals Versatility – First Suit

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/20/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
When purchasing your very first suit, it’s either going to be the only one you wear to work until you’re able to afford another, or the only one you ever own, period. So you want something classic and versatile. If your only suit has a distinct pattern, and you wear it semi-regularly around the same people, they’re going to remember, and realize you’re wearing the same suit over and over. If the suit is simple and solid, however, they’ll likely not notice.

How Should A Dress Shirt Fit?

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/19/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Most men wear dress shirts that do not fit them properly. The problem is that readymade garments are made to fit many; as a result, they fit no one perfectly. We all compromise somewhere if a shirt fits us in the neck it fails us in the sleeve length; if it fits well in the sleeves, it billows out around the stomach. So the fit I’ll describe here is generally only achievable on a custom shirt or one that’s close to fitting and then tailored by a skilled hand.

What Color Should My Dress Shirt Be?

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/19/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
A man has many options on the choice of a color in a dress shirt.  Complimentary colors matching the tie and suit is key.  Here a few options to reflect on in your choices and some other guiding tips on men’s style:

Spring Suits for Men

Posted by NYMSuits on 3/18/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Winter’s heavy wool suits feel about as welcome as monogamy on Mad Men as the temperature rises. Time to move them to the back of your closet. Make room for a variety of a lighter weights that are also easy on your wallet. Thanks to trim cuts and well-made fabrics—some coming from the same factories as high-end designer labels—quality suits have entered the attainable realm.

Matching your Ties with your Dress Shirts

Posted by NYM Suits on 2/16/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
The dress shirt is the first garment you should ensure matches your tie; next to the jacket, it is the most important clothing accessory in determining what tie color and pattern you can wear. However, unlike the jacket which you may peel off by lunchtime — your shirt stays on all day. Without a jacket, the dress shirt is the only surface upon which the tie sits, and if there is a color clash it will be impossible to hide. So get it right!

Matching your Suits with Your Ties

Posted by NYM Suits on 2/16/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Dark solid colored suits, especially grey and navy blue, go well with most tie color combinations by default. They are the easiest to match as most tie makers assume their wares will be worn with one; if you have already matched the tie to the shirt, either a grey or navy suit will more often then not complement your ensemble.

Coordinating Your Suit, Tie and Dress Shirt Style

Posted by NYM Suits on 2/16/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
When it comes to dressing for more upscale events, women have far more style decisions to make than men; we know we’ll be donning some version of a dress shirt and suit. But when it comes to adding the finishing touch — the tie — some men feel confused as to how to choose a tie that will complement the other elements in their ensemble. The biggest mistake I see men make when trying to match their neckwear to their clothing is that they have bought the wrong tie for the clothing in their wardrobe.

Thinking of A Sports Jacket for the Spring?

Posted by NYM Suits on 2/3/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Back in the day, gentlemen used to wear “morning” jackets paired with trousers of a different color. These jackets, along with full suits, were strictly used for sporting activities such as shooting. Such outfits were not yet considered appropriate formal wear.

Accessories are the Key to Wearing a Seersucker Suit

Posted by NYMSuits on 1/9/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
More than with wearing an ordinary suit, accessories are truly key in pulling off a seersucker. Choosing the right ones can really pull it together; overloading on the wrong ones can turn your get-up into a costume. For example, if you pair your seersucker suit with a striped bow tie, red suspenders, white shoes, and a straw boater, it’ll look like you just stepped off the set of a period piece. Instead, choose just one very traditional accessory, and make the others more classic:

Staying Warm While Looking Classy

Posted by NYM Suits on 1/9/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
When the winter months bring colder temperatures, staying warm becomes a high priority. But for those who regularly wear business or professional apparel, staying warm can sometimes mean sacrificing style. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Here are a few tips on staying warm without wrecking your dapper sense of style.

Sharkskin Suits Popular Again

Posted by NYM Suits on 1/9/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Ever since seeing Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin back in the day glamorously wearing a sharkskin suit with a drink in one hand and a dame in the other, I've always admired the sheen and glamour of a sharkskin suit.  Although many proclaim the day of the sharkskin suit is over, its appearance is popping up again in celebrities, at parties, at the restaurant or bar and even at work and in the business function.

Wearing a Sports Jacket with Jeans

Posted by NYMSuits on 1/9/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
Wearing a Sports Jacket with Jeans
The sports jacket is one of the best, most versatile items a man can have in his wardrobe. The benefits of this piece of clothing are myriad. First, it enhances your silhouette, broadening and heightening your shoulders, slimming your midsection, and giving you a more masculine appearance overall. Second, it offers a good number of pockets, so you can lighten the load on your trousers and have what you need ready at hand. And third, it affords you an opportunity to be a gentleman; should a lady friend become cold, you can remove your jacket and lend her its warmth.

The Art and Style of the Men’s Vest

Posted by NYM Suits on 1/8/2016 to Men's Fashion Tips
The vest is a classic piece of menswear that ought to be brought back in to fashion. Regrettably, the vest seems to have been demoted from its position as an essential article in the well-dressed man's wardrobe to the garment that bistro waiters use to hold their pen and check pad (not that I have anything against bistros or their wait staff, it just seems to be the main place that I see vests these days). This is regrettable because there are many advantages to wearing a vest. Among them:

Quality Counts with Men’s Suits

Posted by NYM Suits on 12/12/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips

The quality of a suit is almost always going to be one of the first things that people notice. Even if you have a great fashion sense, low quality fabric or poor tailoring of your suit can throw of the look that you are aiming for.

Wearing Suspenders with a Suit

Posted by NYMSuits on 12/8/2015 to Men's Fashion Tips
Wearing Suspenders with a Suit
Suspenders, also known as braces, can help make a fashion statement that sets a man apart from the crowd. On the other hand, this unique accessory can also fall flat if the wearer does not have all the facts about wearing suspenders. While some men associate suspenders with a bygone era and are hesitant to add them to their wardrobe, others remember the iconic suspenders worn by Michael Douglas in the film "Wall Street" in his role as the sexy Gordon Gekko. They wonder if they, too, can achieve that look with suspenders. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to make the bold suspender statement. Definitely a fashion accessory chosen by individualists, suspenders can help a man dress for success in an increasingly varied business environment.

The Style of Wearing a Scarf

Posted by NYMSuits on 11/29/2015 to Accessories
Most men’s scarves are approximately 10 inches wide, 70 inches long, and made from either a solid or patterned cut of cloth designed to wrap around the neck. In a nutshell, a scarf is a simple rectangle of fabric.  There are a lot of terms out there – bandana scarves, head scarves, square scarves, circle scarves, skinny scarves, and so on.  Let’s keep it simple.  You want your scarves to be rectangle and be made from a material that suits your needs.

The Importance of Wearing Cufflinks for Superb Style

Posted by NYMSuits on 11/28/2015 to Accessories
Why do you think men are wearing decorative fastener cufflinks? A greater number of men wear them because they want to be “in” with the latest fashion craze – an appropriate add-on to your suit – to add color and life to your attire.  Slight, yet charming tokens of grace and style.